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Code Hunting Game in Minecraft

Code Hunting Game in Minecraft

June 8, Saturday – the participants of the final event for the award ceremony of the Raffaello in Minecraft contest got to discover and explore the city Centre of Urbino in an unusual way.

Us members of Digit had fun along with the kids and their guides taking part in the event organized by the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, in collaboration with Microsoft.

In the early afternoon we involved all the participants in a technologic treasure hunt. 19 teams, adults and children alike, challenged each other running around the slopes of our beautiful city following the indications of a Telegram Bot that we developed for the occasion. The bot at every milestone would ask the groups to answer questions regarding computational thinking. Whoever was able to solve correctly the enigma would receive the clue on the whereabouts of the following place to reach. The complete instructions and a video tutorial are available on CodeMOOC.org.

I quiz di coding sono basati sul gioco CodyRoby

Clearly, the clue must of been the view of the place to find. A normal photo would of been too obvious, so we inserted hints directly from the Urbino Minecraft world!

Uno dei luoghi da trovare per completare il percorso. Lo riconoscete?

Almost all the teams reached the end of the route, visiting (more like sprinting) Urbino in a way that they will not forget. An exceptional guest, Marco Vigelini, the event coordinator, described his game experience like this:

In Digit we strongly believe in the potential of computational thinking as an educative instrument for all ages. We developed various projects to facilitate its diffusion in various contexts, both ludic or not.

If you’re interested in projects like this one, contact us at info@digit.srl.

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