Paper presented at ITASEC 2020.

Authors: Giorgia Remedi, Alessandro Aldini, Alessandro Bogliolo, Saverio Delpriori, Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein.

Abstract: Worth One Minute (WOM) is a general-purpose rewarding system based on the exchange of anonymous vouchers. It is designed to support crowd-sensing applications that rely on the willingness of users to participate and invest in common causes. The platform rewards the effort of users toward such causes, thus triggering virtuous circles contributing to the expected social value. The system’s reliability depends on the security conditions of the voucher issuing and spending processes. These processes are based on two cryptographic protocols, which are discussed in this paper and formally validated through the automated verification tool ProVerif.

Source code

Source code with ProVerif models used for verification of the WOM communication protocols:

WOM Platform implementations
Registry (.NET/C#):
Pocket application (Dart):
Instrument application (Dart):
POS application (Dart):
Generic connector (.NET/C#):