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Ode to Code

This song was heard for the first time in 2015 during the Europe Code Week. It has been shown to cause strange effects each time it is heard in public. Such effects are documented in many videos that were taken since then.

The song and all the various audio loops are usable as soundtracks for any kind of video (spots, short films, dance, presentations, time lapses), to create your own jingles, to accompany audio messages or any other initiative that’s part of Europe Code Week or similar digital literacy campaigns aimed at the diffusion of computational thinking skills.

The song:

This is the whole song. Use it as-is to accompany your videos.

Backing track:

download the backing track (full and short version) and use it to record your own melodies and songs.


here’s a list of various loops that are taken from the song and you can add them up, mix them, repeat them or cut them to create a new backing track of the length you need! There are obviously an ‘intro’ and ‘outro’ (in short and long versions) to begin or close the loops that you create.

Robot dance:

Use the song, or a backing track created with the various loops, to dance a ‘robot dance’ and share your interpretation with everyone!

Open Source Files:

Here’s the collection of MIDI and audio files used to create the song! Use them for your own remix or to create your own Codeweek Song. [download]

Spread the word and share everything you do with the hashtag #OdeToCode


Song introduction: 9th symphony by Ludwig Van Beethoven (Ode to Joy)
Song: composition, music and mix by Brendan Dominic Paolini
CodeWeek Dance: Bianca Maria Berardi

All music licensed under Creative Commons