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SmartRoadSense at World Road Congress 2019

SmartRoadSense at World Road Congress 2019

You can speak of technology transfer when technologies or knowledge produced by research entities are made available to end users. And that is exactly what Digit’s mission is: transforming research projects that are part of the digital realm into real products. This is how the platform for the road surface condition monitoring system SmartRoadSense was born (or, as we call it, SRS).

SmartRoadSense in azione.

SRS was born in 2015, from an idea developed by the research group at the University of Urbino. Today SRS is used in all of Europe. The users-volunteers have already mapped more than 71 thousand kilometres of roads. SRS is object of experimentation in Denmark, United Kingdom, Hungary, Romania and, obviously, Italy. After extensively testing the validity of the technology on the field, SRS became one of the flagship products of our business.

SRS debuts at Abu Dhabi

To confront our solution with those already available on the market, we decided to present SRS at the most important triennial congress in the whole world on technologies and politics for the management of road networks, the World Road Congress 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

Uno dei momenti del World Road Congress 2019.

During the five days of the event organised by the World Road Association (PIARC), we had the possibility to build relationships with important international players. Many appreciated the simple and intuitive approach of SRS.

Our partner, with the technical info of the technological details of SRS.

One of our members participated in the public poster session. He was able to illustrate all the details of how the SRS technology, based on real-time analysis of accelerations recorded on board of a vehicle, can go and replace the traditional methods of inspection of the road surface bringing remarkable savings on resources.

SmartRoadSense for citizens and administrators

Are you interested in SmartRoadSense as an instrument for monitoring the road surface conditions in the area where you live? Download the free app and start mapping the roads!

If, instead, you represent a public administration or a business that takes care of monitoring roads, then you could be interested in one of the possible personalisations of the platform. SRS can significantly reduce the costs of management and time needed to get complete and reliable information on the conditions of roads.

Want to know more? Contact us at info@digit.srl.

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